by Majunior

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released September 2, 2011

Kienan Patrick, Jerry Henderson, Brad Morris (on Exploration #4)



all rights reserved


Majunior Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Three guys who live in the OKC area and enjoy playing music together.

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Track Name: clues are all we have (demo)
On future recording:

Can't escape, Can't escape is what I keep hearing
I'm alone time to face what I'm fearing
A place where nightmares invade the innocent,
Searching with out finding a trace or a hint
Clues leak and it knows who's weak!

Disappearing down a staircase with no end, there is no way for us to defend against the darkness. The absence of light!
Fight what? Fight who?
All I see are shadows of invisible, and the walls closing in.

My dreams are over; My dreams are broken.

Its time to end it; no, its time to lend it
Can't die, no can't die
Defeat the nothing, the one so inviting
The one I've been searching for, but all I see are open doors
A labyrinth of desire, packaged together with a tyrant to rule the hallways.
Praying my lover will save me, or my brother will save me, but I'm not so lucky.
The walls are shifting.
Just like that its over, an unfinished book, like a light flickering out through the hopeless world, I'm done.
Track Name: actions reversed (demo)
These actions are movements through time
They've shaped the way I've lived
My life is a path, a path with nothing to give
Entangled with vines, riddled with leaves
The dream is waking and breaking
This house is fading with me
Track Name: exploration #4 (demo)
demo lyrics:

The lines have been traced
We follow the cracks that are made
Falling away
To a separate path we will stray

Got to keep up
You're falling farther behind
You'll be left in the dust
It's only a matter of time

future lyrics:

Whisper in my ear, a secret; how the world will change who steers
The ship, "Oh captain, please we're waiting.
To pick up speed 'cause we're chasing the future!
The place we kept erasing; and designing for the coming day

The area that we should have left alone
I'm too caught up with tomorrow, even though we'll never know
It will never happen, because the future will never show

Late pardons for the dreamers!
Late deaths for the ghost!
Early waking for the dead!
Empty dreams for the coast!

We're just waiting for the day, the day we've wanted, oh we've wanted
Not to say it will make us happy, but we're wishing for that something